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M.K - aka- Mucktaru Kargbo

MK is one of the UK's leading male stylists with 20yrs of experience he continues to capture prestigious awards and the admiration from his Industry for his unique approach to cutting edge barbering which he describes as "The Art & Science of Hair with Flair"
UK Battle of the Barber's: First Barber salon to win 1st & 2nd place consecutively,98/99
.• Battle of the Barber 2006: WINNER
•Barbers Brawl 2006: WINNER
•Battle of the barbers 2008
• Innovator of the year 2008
• Barber of the year 1998/ 2008/ 2009
• Hall of Fame 2010
• Russian professional of the year 2014
MK works with HABIA the government awarding body for the national standards of hair and beauty. Also being a key focal man in aiding the writing of the NVQ level 2 & 3, introduced to colleges in 2010 which went nationwide September 2011 and is still working along-side delivering seminars, barbering training courses!

MK is currently the UK coach for World Skills competition of which one of his student has made the UK finals to represent the UK in Brazil for The World Skills final in August 2015. (we all wish them the best!)

America's largest clipper company Andis, have recruited MK for their official launching and branding in the UK. MK's role is to organise exhibition shows for demonstrating the use of tools in a flamboyant attractive way yet ensuring it is educational content is never compromised. Denman International a firm supporter of the MK Academy has released two of MK's own training DVD's called 'Get 2 The Point' &"Straight to the Point" which does just that. On the video's barbering has been given an intelligent approach with techniques delivered from a mathematical view point covering graduation, outlining ,freehand clipping, clipper point cutting, flick fade, aspects of beard shaving, hair tattooing, head and face contours all on European hair. This approach to an art form; further validating to be a crucial part of arsenal for any barber, student or teacher. Also with full endorsement from the government body of the national standards HABIA.

MK is also advocate for an educational body for the UK in Barbering, he works on the qualifications and educational video's that you can find on MK runs MK.H.S.A barbering salon in UK north London and when he is not there in his busy schedule he travels the world Ireland, Italy, Russia, Japan to name a few; delivering his much sort after courses, seminars, stage shows and talks. He has been referred by Salon Business magazine as " a character who has enough energy for an entire art team" MK's words to that press release was "I'm always trying to continuously perfect barbering by pushing confines of my mind whilst exploring the imagination."
MK has worked in fashion shows for Oswald Boateng, film sets for George Lucas and Anthony Hemmingway, alongside his UK TV appearances such as BBC learning zone, Channel 5 "Trust me I'm a beauty Therapist" and the BBC's longest running house hold name programme "Blue Peter"

MK is a barbering man with commanding but a gentlemanly professional presence; the brain of a mathematical scientist the flair of a hairdresser and groomed with artistic stroke of Picasso.

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