Basingstoke College

The very first time I worked with Basingstoke College I had an audience of over 500 people. We laughed so much even parents were thanking me for coming and surprised that they learnt something; now seeing why their child is into barbering"
This is what makes it all worth while!

Hertford Regional College

This was a great day of demonstrating graduation, clipper outline shaping on European & Afro hair. The symmetrical order of beard shaping was also shown with all the tools and equipment best suited for techniques!

The MK Demo in Russia

TDT Training Day Tuesday Barbering Training Live on-line FB

"You know what............"

Thank you

I came to show today and watched u did skin fade,was great to watch your work and techniques
I have my own barber shop and have made a great success,and wish to learn new trends all the time,and to keep busy .
I'm going to have a go with superliners to do skin fades as we do many of them:)
Would just like to say thank you for advice

Many thanks
Sarah bond

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Bridge The Gap - Apprenticeships with Employers

We had an evening with Durham college presenting the apprentices to employers
. Allowing them to see the value in the training and working with young people! Massive success with employers very interested in taking on apprentices and 4 students with job offers that night!

'I've seen the DVD on now having been taught by MK I'll buy the other'

The day we had was really good its was a day that i wish all my staff was present because he has really managed to motivate my staff i can only hope it becomes contagious. The day has inspired the staff and I to get right into it and start moving forward with men's cut beard shaving and even designs!

'My boss 17 years in the trade but MK has shown me more in 1 Day'

"The best thing I've ever done in my career is come to a (Straight To The Point) course; the day was none stop of useful information that i will keep forever! My Clients will benefit greatly & like MK said this gives me the chance to raise my prices! This course is a MUST for any barber regardless how long you've been cutting."