Grand Master Barber MK

For High End Barbering skills, techniques in all hair types. That looks the business for you to get the business.

MK is one of the most influential barbers shaping the industry since 1998 winning the first of many national & international awards. 

This team player has the ability to be a major asset to any team or single handedly create different looks to the assumption of a team. Fashion show, TV, Film, Video & Photo Shoots, Exhibition demonstration & Sales, even hosting and presenting. The Charismatic nature of MK warms to any audience, leaving all who encounter his skills extremely impressed.  

Hi I'm Mucktaru Kargbo (MK)

If your needing barbering excellence for High end clients be it photo or video shoots then I'm your man.

As a seasoned Barber Trainer, International Award Winning, Consultant & Writer in Education, company promotion, exhibition, TV & Film for some of the largest organizations in the world. I’ve had the privilege to work with BBC, ITV, Footlocker, Oswald Boateng, Idris Elba, Christian Louboutin, Champions League, PHILIPS, New Balance, MINI, NBC, ANDIS, WHAL too many to name. For More than two decades, I’ve witnessed companies gain significant interest after using my barbering services in many different capacities.

What I’ve discovered, as a participant in sales & promotional  processes and being responsible for millions in sales; that there’s a natural process I like to do & call OVERSTAND. The impact you wish to make & engage with you step by step in the concept / project. I can put together story board/s of ideas, styles & strategies that highlight or compliment the brand; be it style, colour, shape, logo or scene. My 5 C's step process ( Concept, Connect, Curate, Conception, Completion.)  will generate the solution you need for a successful collaboration. 


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