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Fancy Dress hair style 'MR T'

B 4 Mr T


During Mr T

VTCT Celebrate 50 Years of Awarding Qualifications with a touch of MK

MK Training Celebs on TV

Reality documentary series in which six media celebs are trained as hairdressers and beauty therapists and put to work in a salon. They were singer Suzi Quatro, glamour model Michelle Marsh, journalist Sharon Marshall, former Hear'Say member Danny Foster, comic Stan Boardman, actor John Alford.

'Paul Weller' hair tattoo portrait

The Scrap Book cuts

Hair Tattoo of a Rose, Heart & Fire Breathing Dragon

Hair Tattoo of U2 'Bono'

Hair Tattoo of Batman in Paisley

Hair Tattoo of a 'Rock Star'

Hair Tattoo of Wayne Rooney

Hair Tattoo Nape Rose Design

Hair Tattoo of young Nelson Mandela